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IFSP Tutorial - Evaluation and Assessment

Legal Requirements for Evaluation and Assessment:

Scope of Laws and Regulations

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Directions for Reading the Overview of the Federal/State Laws & Regulations

  1. Review, online, the federal laws and regulations, and Maryland regulations related to the Part C early intervention program:

    Printable copies of the federal/state laws and regulations are available:

    IDEA and Federal Regulations, with search enhanced functions and printable format

    Maryland State Regulations
    (Note: Click on "early intervention" to access the 13 sections of the Maryland regulations addressing early intervention; each section must be opened individually)
  2. Pay specific attention to the:

    Range of topics covered. Look over all section headings of the law and regulations to survey the scope of early intervention provisions:

    Federal law
    1. Click on the Individuals with Disabilities Law Parts A-D link
    2. Then scroll down to Part C

      Federal regulations

      Maryland State Regulations

      Purpose and intent. Read the following sections of the law and regulations and reflect on how the stated purpose and intent compares with your personal and professional interests:

      Federal law: Section 631 in the IDEA (Findings and Policy);

      Federal regulations: Part 303, Section 303.1 in the IDEA regulations

      Maryland State Regulations: Section.01 (Purpose for early intervention services) in the regulations for Maryland Infants and Toddlers Program.

      Requirements for evaluation and assessment, particularly definitions and specific provisions:

      Federal Regulations (34 CFR Section 303.322)

      State regulations [COMAR 13A.13.01.06].



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