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Legal Requirements for Evaluation and Assessment:

Essential Content for Legal Requirements

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Federal and State Regulations for Early Intervention Evaluation and Assessment

Read the following questions and excerpts from federal and state regulations, then answer the reflection questions in the next section, Application/Reflection. Links are provided within the content to the related provisions of the law and regulations identified in the content provided with each question.

Page 2- Who is eligible for early intervention services?

Page 3- How is a child's eligibility for early intervention services determined including state eligibility criteria and procedures?

Page 4- What are early intervention services?

Page 5- What is the role of service providers?

Page 6- What are the requirements for assisting families to identify their priorities, resources and concerns?

Page 7- What is informed consent and what is needed from families for evaluation and assessment?

Page 8- What is an evaluation for eligibility?

Page 9- What is an ongoing assessment of a child's strengths and needs?

Page 10- What are the timelines for completing an evaluation and assessment?

Page 11- What must evaluation and assessment include?

Page 12- Who can conduct and participate in evaluation and assessment?

Page 13- What is a non-discriminatory evaluation and assessment?

Page 14- What is a multidisciplinary evaluation and assessment?





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