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Legal Requirements for Evaluation and Assessment:

Essential Content for Legal Requirements

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What is the role of service providers?

Definitions, Federal Regulations [Sec.303.12]

Federal regulations describe the kinds of services for which providers are responsible.


(c) General role of service providers. To the extent appropriate, service providers [in each area of early intervention services included in Sec. 303.12 (d), Types of services] are responsible for-

(1) Consulting with parents, other service providers, and representatives of appropriate community agencies to ensure the effective provision of services in that area;
(2) Training parents and others regarding the provision of those services; and
(3) Participating in the multidisciplinary team's assessment of a child and the child's family, and in the development of integrated goals and outcomes for the individualized family service plan.

Definitions, Maryland Regulations

Maryland regulations add definitions of “qualified personnel” and “suitable qualifications” for Maryland early intervention service providers.




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