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Legal Requirements for Evaluation and Assessment:

Essential Content for Legal Requirements

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What is an evaluation for eligibility?

Evaluation and Assessment, Federal Regulations [Sec. 303.322]

Federal regulations define an evaluation for a child’s eligibility for early intervention services.


(a) General

(1) Each system must include the performance of a timely, comprehensive, multidisciplinary evaluation of each child, birth through age two, referred for evaluation…

(2) The lead agency shall be responsible for ensuring that the requirements of this section are implemented by all affected public agencies and service providers in the State.

(b) Definitions of evaluation and assessment. As used in this part-

(3) Evaluation means the procedures used by appropriate qualified personnel to determine a child's initial and continuing eligibility under this part, consistent with the definition of “infants and toddlers with disabilities” in Sec. 303.16 (see Maryland’s definition), including determining the status of the child in each of the following developmental areas:

  • Cognitive
  • Physical, including vision & hearing
  • Communication
  • Social/emotional
  • Adaptive

Definitions, Maryland Regulations [COMAR 13A.13.01.02.B(17)]

Maryland regulations restate federal regulations.





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