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IFSP Tutorial - Evaluation and Assessment

Legal Requirements for Evaluation and Assessment:

Application & Reflection


Directions: In small groups, or individually, reflect on your early intervention practices and answer the following questions.

You may find it helpful to refer to the actual regulations as well as the information presented in the essential content of Legal Requirements for Evaluation and Assessment.

1. How does Maryland’s definition of an “infant and toddler with a disability’ compare with the federal definition? Who is eligible for early intervention in Maryland?

2. Explain the difference between a law and a regulation. Give at least two examples of how the federal and state regulations lay the framework for how evaluation and assessment are to be conducted.

3. What is the purpose of:

  • Assisting families to identify their priorities, resources and concerns?
  • An eligibility evaluation?
  • An ongoing assessment?

4. How do federal and state laws/regulations address assisting families to identify their priorities, resources, and concerns?

5. What do the federal and state laws/regulations say about who can conduct and participate in evaluation and assessment? How do families participate in your evaluations and assessments?

6. What are the timelines for completing a child’s evaluation/assessment and assisting families to identify their priorities, concerns and resources? Are exceptions allowed? Under what circumstances?




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