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Planning with Families for Evaluation and Assessment:

Application & Reflection

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Application 2.2: Appreciating Cultural Beliefs and Practices

Consider your experience interacting with a family from a cultural group different from your own, or interview someone from a cultural group that you are likely to come in contact with in your community/work environment. Keep in mind the various dimensions of culture when choosing a family to think about during this activity.

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Compare this family's daily life activities to your own in the following categories:
My family
Family 1
Family 2

Typical foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner




Childbirth and parenting practices




Childhood toys and games




Symbols of good luck and feared events objects/animals




Typical children's names and names for parents/grandparents




Special holidays and their significance




Health care for typical and serious childhood illnesses





Reflect on the following:

1. How are your own family's routines and rituals similar or different from the family you know or interviewed, or the families introduced by colleagues?

2. How would your personal expectations and/or professional training help/hinder your interactions with members of this cultural group? As a friend? As an early intervention service provider?

3. How would this family's beliefs and traditions affect their participation in early intervention evaluation and assessment? For their child? For themselves? What can you do to support family members so that evaluation and assessment is a positive experience?

4. For family members who participate in this application activity: What have been your evaluation and assessment experiences interacting with early intervention providers who are from a cultural group different from your own? What did you (or could you) do to help early intervention providers understand your traditions and beliefs?


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