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Planning with Families for Evaluation and Assessment:

Application & Reflection

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Application 2.4: Addressing possible family concerns about evaluation and assessment

Reflect on the following concerns (often unspoken) families may have and draft possible responses that families might find helpful. Review any information sheets or Frequently Asked Questions for families that may be available in your Infants and Toddlers program. It is recommended that family members, early intervention providers and administrators work together to draft responses that are family-friendly and reflect program policies. Use this opportunity to ask family members, advocates, and family support coordinators about other concerns families may have, and draft responses to these questions also.

Concerns families may have:

  • I don't want my child labeled
  • I just want my child to learn to walk and talk like other children
  • I/we want more information about what is happening with our child, understanding what his/her diagnosis means, how to help our child, what early intervention services/supports are available for our family
  • What will happen during my child's evaluation? What will the early intervention evaluator's find out?
  • What will this cost, and is it covered by any health plan I may have?
  • How soon can we schedule the evaluation and assessment, and will I/we have to miss work?
  • Will my/our other children be welcome during the evaluation and assessment?
  • How soon will I/we find out if my child qualifies for early intervention?
  • Will I/we get a written report, and who else will see this information?
  • What if my child doesn't qualify for early intervention?


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