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IFSP Tutorial - Evaluation and Assessment

Planning with Families for Evaluation and Assessment:

Application & Reflection

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Application 2.5: Tracking evaluation and assessment planning with families

Spend about one month reviewing your planning discussions with 2-3 families. Use the Self-Assessment Inventory: Planning with Families for Evaluation and Assessment
for Session 2, Planning with Families to guide your reflections.

*If you are not involved in planning discussions with a family, consider interviewing family members or early intervention providers who have participated in them.

After completing the inventory, reflect (preferably with colleagues and families) on the following:

  1. How do I/we plan with families for evaluation and assessment?
  2. What is the outcome of my/our planning for individual families, and our early intervention program?
  3. Are planning discussions taking place consistently in all regions of our Infants and Toddlers Program?
  4. Do we need to schedule professional development activities on this topic? If so, what specifically would be helpful?


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