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IFSP Tutorial - Evaluation and Assessment

Comprehensive Evaluation and Assessment:

Essential Content for Comprehensive Evaluation

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Comprehensive Evaluation/Assessment is the third session in a module on early intervention evaluation and assessment. This module is part of a tutorial developed by the Maryland State Department of Education for early intervention providers, and any interested readers, about the process of developing and implementing Individualized Family Service Plans with families caring for infants and toddlers with developmental delays.

Session 1 laid the foundation for this module by exploring the Legal Requirements from the federal and Maryland state perspectives for all early intervention evaluation and assessment practices. Session 2 focused on how to Plan with Families for evaluation and assessment.

The following topics are covered in Comprehensive evaluation/ assessment:

Page 2- Clarifying the intent of evaluation and assessment

Page 3- Principles of responsive evaluation and assessment in early intervention

Page 4- Importance of conducting evaluation/assessment in natural settings

Page 5- Key components/methods of a developmental evaluation/assessment

Page 6- Qualitative & quantitative approaches to evaluation/assessment

Page 7- Naturalistic observation as a part of evaluation and assessment

Page 8- Overview of what happens during an initial evaluation

Page 9- What an evaluation for initial and/or continuing eligibility must include

Page 10- Documenting eligibility for early intervention

Page 11- Elements of a written report

Page 12- Components of an ongoing assessment of a child's abilities and family supports/services

Page 13- Relationship of evaluation/assessment to family supports/services




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