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IFSP Tutorial - Developing and Implementing

Getting Started

This tutorial is designed as an educational tool to assist early intervention providers in Maryland's local infants and toddlers programs to understand evaluation and assessment as a critical part of the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) process. The information is available online so that families and other interested individuals can review and use the information as well.

The tutorial on Evaluation and Assessment is divided into three sessions, which focus on:

Legal Requirements:
  Understand how to identify and provide formal and informal early intervention supports and services to promote a child’s participation in family and community life  


Developing the IFSP:
  Understand the purpose and scope of an IFSP as a vehicle for selecting family-desired supports and services in natural environments  


Implementing the IFSP:
  Understand how to provide family/child supports and services to promote a child’s participation in family and community life  

To understand the tutorial
Each session uses the following formats to organize the information presented:

  • Overview defines the session outcome and objectives, provides a table summarizing the learning activities, and identifies guiding questions to review sessions 2 and 3;
  • Why this topic was selected describes why families and early intervention providers would be interested in reviewing the content presented in the session;
  • Essential Content presents the information selected to address each session's learning objectives. This information is organized by subheadings and/or commonly asked questions readers may ask, and is based on evidence-based practices in early intervention;
  • Application/ Reflection suggest how early intervention providers and families can apply the session's content by reviewing and discussing, individually or in groups, practices currently in use by infant and toddler programs;
  • Recommended Reading annotates up to five resources (books, articles, chapters, and websites) which provide additional information specifically related to each session's objectives;
  • Self-assessment provides an inventory for early intervention providers to review how they incorporate the essential knowledge/skills presented in each session.


To move through the tutorial
There are two ways to move through each session; page by page or choosing specific sections.

  • To move through the tutorial page by page, use the navigation buttons on the left side of the screen. The colored buttons display each of the three sessions and accompanying content (Overview, Essential Content, Application/ Reflection & Recommended Reading). A numerical navigation trial appears at the top of each section to track your location.
  • To select specific sections, use the navigation buttons in any order, or the tutorial's site map located on the left side of the screen. When you find the section you of interest, click on the corresponding submenu title to access the information or click on the View Outline link on the left menu bar. You will be able to navigate to the entire tutorial from this location.




To view the tutorial
  • Printable Versions
    The tutorial can be printed by session in it's entire form. Simply click on the Printable Versions button on the home page.
  • Glossary
    If you need clarification of terms used through the tutorial, click the Glossary button on the left side of the screen.