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IFSP Tutorial - Developing and Implementing

Legal Requirements:

Overview of Legal Requirements

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Understand how to identify and provide formal and informal early intervention supports and services to promote a child’s participation in family and community life


Explain federal and state requirements for:

  • Developing an IFSP with a family.
  • Holding periodic and annual reviews with a family to review progress and revise an IFSP.
  • Providing supports and services identified on a family’s IFSP.
  • Safeguarding parental rights related to identifying and implementing early intervention supports and services.
  • Service coordination during development and implementation of an IFSP.

“Legal requirements for developing and implementing IFSPs with Families” has four key activities for readers: essential content, application, recommended reading and self assessment. The following chart gives an overview of the session’s activities with suggested time allotments.

Summary of Activities:
Time Allotment
Read Essential Content about legal requirements for developing and implementing IFSPs with families 2 hours
Application 1.1 Effect of federal and state requirements on early intervention practice 1-2 hours


Guiding Question for Legal Requirements?

  • Do I understand how federal and state requirements for developing and implementing an IFSP with a family affect my daily early intervention practice?



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