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Legal Requirements:

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What early intervention providers and families need to know about developing and implementing IFSPs with families

Legal Requirements for Developing and Implementing IFSPs with Families, the first session in Module 2, is part of a tutorial about the IFSP process developed by the Maryland State Department of Education for early intervention providers, and interested readers.

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Module 1:
Evaluation and Assessment

1: Legal Requirements

2: Planning with Families for Evaluation & Assessment

3: Comprehensive Evaluation and Assessment

Module 2:
Developing and Implementing IFSPs with Families

1: Legal Requirements (this session)

2: Developing IFSPs with Families

3. Implementing family/child supports & services


The following topics are covered in Legal Requirements for Developing and Implementing IFSPs with Families:

Page 2 - What is an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)?

Page 3 - What IFSP requirements must the state and local lead agencies meet to support a statewide system of early intervention?

Page 4 & 5 - What must be included on an IFSP?

Page 6 - What type of IFSP meetings must be held, and how often?

Page 7 - Who participates in IFSP meetings?

Page 8 - How should IFSP meetings be conducted?

Page 9 - What are the timelines for developing an IFSP and delivering IFSP supports/services?

Page 10 - What does the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) say about IFSP outcomes?

Page 11 - What are early intervention services for families and children?

Page 12 - Can early intervention supports/services be provided before evaluation and assessment are completed?

Page 13 - Where must early intervention supports/services be provided?

Page 14 - What is the role of early intervention providers?

Page 15 - What is service coordination and what is the role of service coordinators?

Page 16 - What is informed consent from parents?

Page 17 &18 - How must parental rights be safeguarded during development and implementation of a family’s IFSP?

Page 19 & 20 - What safeguards do parents have to resolve disputes regarding early intervention evaluation and services?


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