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Implementing the IFSP:

Essential Content for Implementing the IFSP

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Service coordinator’s responsibilities during implementation of an IFSP

As described in Session 2, Developing IFSPs with Families, a service coordinator has special responsibilities during initial contacts, and IFSP development and implementation. During implementation of a family’s IFSP, service coordinators for a local Infants and Toddlers Program have key responsibilities to coordinate and monitor IFSP supports and services, and to schedule and facilitate periodic and annual IFSP reviews.

Coordinate and monitor delivery of services as described in the IFSP, and ensures that formal and informal supports and services identified on a child and family’s IFSP is implemented within 30 calendar days of the date of parent signature.

Schedule and facilitate periodic and annual IFSP reviews.

  • A periodic review is scheduled every 6 months, or more frequently if needed, to consider a child’s progress toward achieving IFSP outcomes and any modification or revision of outcomes or family/child supports and services.
  • In preparation for a child’s annual IFSP review, a service coordinator asks the team to consider how a child’s ongoing assessment will be completed. Results of any current evaluations and other information from ongoing assessment of the child/family are considered during discussion with parents about a child’s progress towards achieving family-selected outcomes.

For both the periodic and annual reviews, a service coordinator discusses with parents how they would like to participate, and if they would like to invite other family members, an advocate, or other individual to attend. Prior written notice must be provided to the parent(s) and other participants within a reasonable time, as determined or agreed to by the parent(s). The periodic review may be conducted as a meeting or by another means acceptable to the parent(s) and other participants. All reviews must be conducted in the native language of the family (or other mode of communication used by the family), unless clearly not feasible to do so.

Participants and actions facilitated by a service coordinator during periodic and annual reviews are identified below:


Who's Involved

Team actions facilitated by a service coordinator


Other family members, as
requested by parent(s)

Advocate or person outside of family, as requested by parent

Service coordinator

Person(s) directly involved in conducting any additional evaluations or assessments, if appropriate

Service providers, if appropriate

• Review outcomes, strategies, activities, criteria, timelines and services

• Review family’s resources, concerns, and priorities

• Review and discuss natural environments

• Revise outcomes, strategies, activities, and/or services, if necessary

• Discuss transition, if appropriate



  For a periodic review, a service coordinator records revisions and obtains parental signatures on appropriate parts of the Maryland IFSP Document & Program Data Add/Change Form. For the annual review, a service coordinator records revisions on a new Part I of the Maryland IFSP document and obtains all required signatures.

For both, a service coordinator gives parents a copy of the IFSP, files a copy in the child’s early intervention record and submits a copy to data entry.









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