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Implementing the IFSP:


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Application activity 3.1:
Tracking IFSP implementation with families

Review how you and your team provided early intervention supports and services for 2-3 families over a month period of time. Use the self-assessment survey (not yet developed) for Session 3 to guide your observations. If you are not involved in implementing an IFSP as a provider, service coordinator or family member, consider interviewing the members of a specific family ’s team.

After your observations/interviews, reflect (preferably with colleagues and family members) on the following:

1. Do I/we describe and implement our supports/services with families in similar ways? Is the same process used consistently throughout all regions of our Infants and Toddlers Program?

2. How do I/we help families understand how we provide early intervention supports and services that are meaningful for their family?

3. Do key community partners and referral sources understand how I/we provide early intervention supports and services?

4. Do we need to schedule professional development activities about providing formal and informal supports and services in natural environments? If so, what would be helpful?



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