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Application 3.3:
Reflections on Adult Learning

Reflect on these questions regarding the principles of adult learning in relation to:

1. Key adults in a family with whom you currently work.

2. A colleague with whom you have consulted or shared information to enhance his/her professional skills.


Adult learning depends on:

Application for collaboration
with families and colleagues

1. Motivation: desire to work together to accomplish common outcomes

• What motivates me to learn new information and/or try new routines or activities?

• What influences family members/colleagues to work together to acquire and apply new knowledge and skills?

2. Respectful learning environment: physical and emotional climate promotes learning and self-reflection

• What physical and emotional factors contribute to a positive learning environment for me?

• How do I apply these factors to working with families/colleagues in natural environments?

3. Past and current experience: new learning depends on merging knowledge and experience

• Do I understand my partner’s “story” about supporting a child in natural settings? Finding and adapting community resources?

• How do I build on these experiences to prompt new learning and actions for a family/colleague?

4. Achieving self-direction and active involvement: understanding what an adult learner uniquely needs

• What prompted my learning a new skill/information? How did I pace myself?

• How do I assist families/colleagues to feel that they are in charge of their learning?

5. Learning styles/coping strategies: different ways to process information, meet challenges and accomplish a task

• What are my learning styles and coping strategies?

• How do I assess and support different styles of learning and coping strategies in others?

6. Critical, reflective thinking: partners contribute/revise their own perspectives

• How do I identify strategies for keeping family members/colleagues involved in achieving early intervention outcomes?

• When and how do I reflect with each family/colleague about our interactions and progress?


Adapted from Hanft, Rush and Shelden, 2004




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