S E A R C H   
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Tutorial


Dundalk Elementary School
2717 Playfield Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21222

Barbara McLennan

Meghan Nelson-Tracey
Assistant Principal

Janet Roesner
Assistant Principal

PBIS Maryland extends appreciation to Dundalk Elementary School in Baltimore County Maryland for sharing their PBIS program and support of this tutorial. All photos and videoclips were taken at Dundalk Elementary School. Rights and Permissions were obtained from all faculty and students.

Dundalk Elementary School Faculty

Clare Delano
Kindergarten Teacher

Joe Fischaber
Art Teacher

Chris Hepner
Guidance Counselor

Michele Jacobs
Second Grade Teacher

Margaret Lookingbill
Pre-kindergarten Teacher

Maureen Matteo
Second Grade Instructional Assistant

Jacquie Pencek
Social Worker

Toni Shiflett
Focus Room

Kathleen Snellinger
Fourth Grade Teacher

Bethaney Wert
Third Grade Teacher

















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