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Phase I: Getting Ready:

Establish a Leadership Team

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B. Step One

School-wide leadership teams are needed to guide the implementation of school-wide PBIS. This team should be composed of folks who are respected by their colleagues, representative of their school, collectively have behavioral competence, have a regular and efficient means of communicating with the school staff as a whole, and are endorsed actively and vigorously by their Principal. Principals must be members of this team because they have unique leadership capacities and decision-making authority. Parents are also recommended to serve as team members because they can provide a voice and link to the school for families and community members.

Leadership Team at Dundalk Elementary:


Activity B1: Here are a few questions to ponder of your PBIS Leadership Team.

The Team…

Yes or No?

Has broad representation?


Has administrative support?


Has regular meetings?
(at least monthly)


Established a clear mission/purpose?


Has efficient internal process?
(agenda, minutes)


Has culture of care?


Schools should not “add” this team to their administrative organization without first assessing what team or committee structures already exist. Look at the leadership teams already in place. Examine their purpose statements, target groups, measurable outcomes/process indicators, memberships and relationships with school improvement goals and objectives. Is there any overlap? Whenever possible, the number of committees and team should be minimized to avoid redundancies and inefficiencies, and a single school-wide leadership role should be established regarding all behavior related initiatives, action, and decisions.

Activity B2: Complete the Committee/Workgroup review sheet to identify possible groups that may be redundant and to establish the current level of functioning among existing workgroups

Once you have identified your PBIS Leadership Team and assured a streamlined approach by assessing current workgroups, you are ready to begin the PBIS Team Process. Remember, your Team and school is in it for the long haul. Every PBIS Team is asked to make a 3-5 year commitment to this process. Change takes time. We did not get “here” overnight and will not leave “here” overnight.



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