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Phase III: Sustaining:


We are expanding our vision for PBIS in Maryland. Several of our larger school systems have expressed interest in going to scale, with PBIS implemented in all elementary, middle and secondary schools. This energy and new direction has led to further development of the State’s infrastructure to support PBIS. Training will be moving to regional institutes for 2005, with school system personnel taking increased responsibility for training, monitoring implementation, and data collection. The PBIS State Leadership team will focus on support and training of lead coaches, data monitoring, regional training, and consultation with school systems on policy and program development.

We have also recognized, along with our partner schools and school systems, that once schools successfully implement their school-wide PBIS interventions, students for whom the universal intervention is insufficient become more easily identified. This has prompted the inclusion of student services personnel in PBIS team trainings to support further development of individual systems for prevention.

Additionally, we recognize that schools acting alone do not always have sufficient expertise or resources to meet the needs of students with serious behavior and emotional disorders. In addition to including student services personnel within the PBIS framework, schools are also encouraged to further develop partnerships with community agencies that provide mental health and other support services to high need children and families. Partnerships with family members is also an emphasis.

And, The State has formed a State Advisory Board for Safe School Climate in order to better support the integration of services and training at the local level and resource allocation at the state level. This group includes representatives from the Governor’s Office of Children Youth and Families, the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention, the State Departments of Juvenile Services and Education, the Drug and Alcohol Administration, and the Maryland Coalition of Families for Children’s Mental Health.





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