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Keys to Writing a Successful Grant Proposal


Law enforcement agencies and school groups that do not have a systematic, vibrant and effective grant writing capabilities are, in effect, eliminating one of the most important and vital sources of funding available today.   With federal, state and local budgets squeezing the already scarce financial resources available, grant writing is perhaps more important today than it has ever been before.   The goal of every grant seeking organization should be to open up new and more robust financial funding streams to diversify the level of risk associated with obtaining funding from single sources.  

This tutorial is designed to take a grant-writing novice and introduce them to the grant writing process.   In most cases grant writing is an acquired skill learned on the job, yet the advantages of being able to write a grant to generate resources are reason enough to formalize the process in any education or law enforcement agency.   The procedures outlined in this tutorial are designed to give the grant writer a good idea of what is expected from their efforts and how to approach the production of a grant proposal.  

While no tutorial can take the place of the experiences that comes from actually writing a grant, this guide is intended to help both the novice and more experienced grant writers by outlining some of the significant issues they may encounter when planning, organizing and writing a grant.   In order to accomplish that goal, we will provide some basic tools that may improve the grant writer's efficiency and effectiveness in preparing proposals.   This tutorial uses a real grant solicitation to demonstrate the grant writing techniques discussed.




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