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The Importance of Collaboration and Leadership

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Grant writing in today's fiscal environment requires an acceptance that in many cases the funding authority is looking for an organization that can provide a one stop shopping capability.   The world has become a complex place, and the need for a grant seeking organization to provide a broad base of services and products for each grant it seeks has become a necessary element in almost all grant writing efforts.   While it may be impossible for any small- to medium-sized organization to keep all of the required talents and skills resident at all times, it is becoming more and more important for grant writing organizations to complement their offerings with the capabilties of other organizations who do maintain expertise in several different skill and expertise areas.  

In order for small- and medium-sized organizations to pursue new funding streams, they need to create strategic alliances or partnerships.  The key to facilitating this approach is an effective management structure that allows each grant partner to work their part of the grant in as seamless a way as possible.   These strategic alliances, which form a leadership dynamic, allow small- and medium-sized grant-seeking organizations to band together to form a more fully competent and capable entity with the ability to sucessfully compete for resources against larger institutions.  

Additionally, this approach allows for greater innovation and creativity because grant seeking organizations can "team up" with entities that are not part of their traditional approach.   By bringing in new and different teaming partners new funding streams become available for organizations that have traditionally only pursued grant opportunities in one specific domain. The primary reason for this is that the challenges facing those who fund grants has increased dramatically.  



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