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Keys to Writing a Successful Grant Proposal


Pre-Solicitation Release Efforts

A grant writing effort does not begin on the day the solicitation is officially released by the granting authority.   Knowing as much as one can about the solicitation prior to the official release, and outlining the major portions of the grant, reduces not olny the amount of crisis planning necessary, but also response time. 

  Efforts to win the grant should begin weeks or even months prior to the official application release.

Many times granting authorities want to assess the expected response to their grant in advance.   This is done with an announcement in the federal register and picked up by sources such as the Commerce Business Daily.   Usually the granting authority will provide a valuable overview, including the reasoning for the grant, the name of the granting institution, key contact personnel, expected date of release for the grant application, and focus and intent of the technical work.   Many times this provides enough information to begin negotiations with prospective partners. 

Once the grant is released granting authorities usually hold a bidder's conference to answer any questions about specific grant writing requirements.   This is a valuable opportunity to learn as much about the required response as possible, and it is highly encouraged that the bidder's conference be attended to learn as much as possible, in advance of sitting down to write, about what the granting institution expects.




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