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Keys to Writing a Successful Grant Proposal


Model Grant Proposal


"Broadening Our Understanding of Violence Against Women from Diverse Communities,"

National Insitutes of Justice, March 2003.

Section VII describes How To Apply.   The section states the following:  

Individuals interested in submitting proposals in response to this solicitation must complete the required application forms and related documents.   Applicants must include all of the following information and completed forms to qualify for consideration:

Part A:

•  Application for Federal Assistance -- Standard form (SF 424)
•  Proposal Abstract
•  Table of Contents
•  Budget Detail Worksheet
•  Budget Narrative
•  Negotiated indirect cost rate agreement (if appropriate).
•  Program Narrative
•  References/Bibliography
•  Names and affiliations of all key persons, including applicants and subcontractor(s), advisors, consultants, and advisory board members.   Include name of principal investigator, title, organizational affiliation, department (if institution of higher education), address, phone, fax and e-mail address.

•  List all previous and current NIJ awards made to principal investigators, including grant numbers, information on final reports and other deliverables to NIJ (whether submitted or outstanding) and a listing of publications (by NIJ or other publishers) resulting from each grant award.

Part B: Specific guidelines and requirements:

•  Proposal Abstract
•  Research Goals and Objectives (including the statement of purpose and research subjects involved)
•  Proposed Research Design and Methodology (including methods and data analysis and products)
•  Program Narrative (including purpose, goals, and objectives - limited to 30 pages)
•  Review of Relevant Literature
•  Methodology
•  Data Analysis and anticipated results and products
•  Implications of the proposed research for policy and practice
•  Staff Research Management Plan
•  Pertinent tables charts and figures
•  Research Timeline


This solicitation package goes on to list page limits and a due date including the necessary number of proposal copies.   As a service to the proposal writing organizations, a section on where to find the appropriate applications materials is listed along with its website.





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