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Keys to Writing a Successful Grant Proposal

Using a Matrix:

What is a Matrix?

The Matrix

One of the most effective ways to dissect and analyze a grant request is through the use of a simple matrix. The matrix performs many functions: it can help build your case for pursuing a grant, it can assure you that every part of the statement of work has been answered, it can help you assign responsibilities for answering the grant and doing the work, it can help you develop strategic alliances and clearly define the roles of the partners and provide the basis on presenting the budgeting to do the work.   The matrix is a great inside and outside sales tool.   The matrix allows you and your organization's senior management to quickly grab the essence of your strategy for winning the grant.

How to Use a Matrix


Blank matrix (Word document)
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There are many ways to use a matrix to develop a proposal strategy.   The most frequent use of a matrix involves plotting a statement of work tasks along the X or horizontal axis, against the person or particular organizational entity on the Y or vertical axis.   In this way, the matrix clearly delineates what the grant tasks to be undertaken are and who or what entity is responsible for actually doing the work.   This also allows the proposal manager to demonstrate to senior management, as well as to his or her partners,at least one of the partners is covering each necessary task.  Additionally, a matrix can be used internally to determine exactly who in a particular organization will be responsible for writing to a particular grant requirement or which department will be responsible for doing the work when the grant is won.

A matrix can also be used to determine if a potential partner can be included in the grant response.   The best way to use the matrix in this case is to send a copy to the potential partner with only the horizontal (statement of work) criteria included This allows the partner to select the areas of work that interest them.   By distributing this type of matrix to all partners, each one is given the opportunity to list what they are confident they can do for the team.   If an overlap occurs the prime or lead contractor can negotiate this with each partner once all the matrices are compiled into one master matrix.  





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