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Using a Matrix:

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This PowerPoint presentation contains a matrix filled in according to the example solicitation.

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Matrix Example:

Using the same solicitation, "Broadening Our Understanding of Violence Against Women from Diverse Communities," Page 2 Section III of the subject solicitation will be used to construct a typical matrix. In order to make the example realistic a simulated team of responders collaborating together has been created to show how they might be organized to respond to this solicitation.  Any similarity between simulated team members and real institutions or organizations is purely coincidental.

Solicitation excerpt:

III. Areas of Research

The goal of this research solicitation is to improve policy and practice by advancing the empirical understanding of violence against women from diverse communities and the effectiveness of programs that assist victims. NIJ seeks research that has the potential to be useful in reducing the impact of violence against women, increasing the safety of those women, and improving criminal justice system responses to this violence.   NIJ has identified a number of priority research areas:

•  Violence Against Women Program Evaluation-- Rigorous evaluations are solicited to determine the effectiveness of programs addressing the needs of victims and survivors of intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and stalking.   Experimental designs are strongly encouraged.   However, NIJ will consider other evaluation designs as required by the needs and constraints in a particular setting.

•  Cost Benefit and Cost Effectiveness Analysis-- NIJ seeks cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analyses of programs that have been evaluated in order to determine which programs are most beneficial and cost effective.

•  Prevalence and Incidence-- Research on the prevalence and incidence of violence against women from diverse communities are needed.   Also needed are studies that examine risk and protective factors; various strategies of resistance that women use; and how race, class, poverty, and unemployment intersect in the development and persistence of violence against women from diverse communities.

•  Measurement Development-- The development of culturally appropriate measures and the scientific determination of their validity and reliability for these populations is needed to advance our knowledge about violence against women from diverse communities.

•  Responses to Violence Against Women-- Research on formal and informal responses to violence against women is needed, such as, family /peer responses to violence against women, or community based responses (e.g. restorative justice models, faith-based initiatives, or other culturally based interventions.)   Research also is needed on communities' willingness and readiness to address violence against women and the extent to which diverse populations use justice systems to address violence against women in their communities.


To demonstrate how a response might be constructed, a simulated group of team members has been created as if this team had decided to work together to write and develop a response to this proposal.   The team is diverse and represents a mosaic of different strengths all of which are keys to a strong and viable response.


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