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Keys to Writing a Successful Grant Proposal

Using a Matrix:

Examples of the Matrix in Action: Forming the Team

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This PowerPoint presentation contains a matrix filled in according to the example solicitation.

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Simulated Team Members:

The ABC University--is one of America's premier higher institutions of learning.   Housed within ABC is the Division of Justice program.   The Division of Justice program has a national reputation for its innovative research and leadership programs.   

John and Deborah Smith and Associates--is a private consulting firm specializing in analyzing the cause and issues associated with violence against women.   They have developed a national reputation for their costing model, which shows costs to society of abuse.

The Opportunity Women's Shelter--is a secular non-denominational shelter providing 120 places for women who are trying to escape an abusive situation.   Opportunity runs three separate shelters each with 40 beds and facilities to house women as a first step in leaving abusive situations.   The Opportunity Shelter offers basic amenities such as lodging, food, medical evaluations and some counseling.

The Chicano Collaboration Project--is a project currently funded by a private foundation that helps Latina women find their way out of abusive relationships.   The services provided include free medical evaluations, daytime childcare, as well as job and psychological counseling.   The Chicano Collaboration Project has received accolades for its innovative approaches to dealing with Latina women in a small community.

New Days Justice Center--is partially funded through state grants and a private foundation.   The purpose of the New Days Justice Center is to provide free legal counseling to victims of abuse.  

Right Way Christian Center--is a small Christian church with a membership of nearly 1200 patrons.   Started 10 years ago by the Reverend Charles Small the church has grown steadily over the past 10 year to a point where it is recognized as a viable support institution in the township of Newtown.   For the past 3 years the Right Way Christian Center has become increasingly involved with counseling and helping their constituents deal with the issue of domestic violence.   They have helped a number of women find new living accommodations and escape abusive and violent relationships.  

The Newtown Police Department--The Newtown Police Department consists of 220 sworn officers and some 82 administrative personnel.   Newtown Police are strong advocates of the community oriented policing philosophy.   As a result of this they have worked with many of the members of this proposal team to reduce crimes of violence against women.   The Newtown Police Department maintains data and statistics associated with the number of calls for domestic violence as well as the types of violent crimes against women.   As the principal policing agency for the City of Newtown they bring an important perspective to the discussion about the crimes against women.

Using Section III of the subject solicitation and the simulated proposal team a representative matrix was created.



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