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Using a Matrix:

Examples of the Matrix in Action: Internal Logic

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This PowerPoint presentation contains a matrix filled in according to the example solicitation.

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Internal Logic:

As the matrix demonstrates, each of the grant's partners hs portions of the grant effort assigned to them either for writing or work.   There are also several proposal tasks which overlap overlap.  For this particular proposal the overlap demonstrates from whom data and information will be extracted to form the foundation of the study.   The internal logic for the tasking in this proposal is provided.

Beginning with the introduction given by the granting authority at the beginning of the Areas of Research section, "The goal of this research solicitation is to improve policy and practice by advancing the empirical understanding of violence against women from diverse communities and the effectiveness of programs that assist victims."   With this in mind this team is working according to the internal logic.  

ABC University will be in overall charge of the grant effort, building on their ability to create both quantitative and qualitative research models.   Additionally, universities are very familiar with the Protection of Human Subjects requirements of a proposal of this nature.   ABC University will work in collaboration with the other partners to create, test and demonstrate the experimental research designs. While John and Deborah Smith and Associates will supply most of the cost benefit analysis, ABC University will help collate the data and compare costing data to the various other parts of the study.

John and Deborah Smith and Associates have specific information about the nature and treatment of abused women.   They have done several cost/benefit analysis and are principle writers of the only validated report of the costs to society of abuse.   They have developed a quantitative model that is used by most government agencies in discussions of abuse.   

Opportunity Shelter is familiar with the laws and the requirements associated with policy implementation as it pertains to abuse issues.   Because they provide assistance to women from the time they leave an abusive relationship to the time when they have their job and place to live. Opportunity knows women must overcome to become to restore their pride and their abiity to provide for their children.   They have a great deal of raw data about different abuse programs as well as the prevalence and incidence of abuse that will be valuable once entered into a viable research model.

The Chicano Collaboration Project is a specialized program for abused women in the Latino/Latina community.   They provide a unique perspective on issues of diversity.

New Days Justice Center also has important data related to the number and ethnicity of women who seek legal remedies to an abusive situation.   Additionally,their data reinforces the types of violence against women and the prevalence and incidence of abuse in the community.

Right Way Christian Center A faith-based perspective to policy issues.   Their data comes from women who are comfortable talking to a known religious figure in their community as opposed to a person they consider a stranger.   Faith based organizations can bring a broader spectrum of understanding to the study.

The Newtown Police Department answers domestic disturbance calls and makes arrests for abuse issues in the town of Newtown.   Their data and information resources are worth a great deal to the overall prevalence and incidence data presentation.



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