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Keys to Writing a Successful Grant Proposal

Organization Techniques:

Index Cross Referencing

Sample Index Cross Reference

Index cross referencing is a straightforward check on the completeness of the proposal response.   It allows for the reader to find the responses to particular sections quickly and at easily.     Many times readers assess the competence and ability of an organization on the competency and organization displayed in the proposal itself.

Creating a cross referencing index is easy because most of the work has already been done.   Using the basic matrix that was created for technical tasks and partner responsibilities, you can now reference technical requirements to the specific sections in the proposal that answer each requirement.   In this way both the writer and the reader know that each requirement has been answered and where that answer can be found.  

The cross referencing index shows what section of the proposal answers the technical requirements of the request for proposal.   In this way, the reader can quickly jump to the section where the pertinent information is presented during evaluation conferences.  




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