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The Role of the School Resource Officer

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The Role of an SRO

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The role of law-related counselor should not be unfamiliar to a School Resource Officer. Police officers conduct street level law related counseling on a regular basis. For example, a victim of domestic violence is given information on how to obtain a protective order, or an officer may attempt to mediate a dispute between two neighbors. Officers are frequently called upon to help resolve problems that are not necessarily criminal matters.

  School Resource Officers also function as a resource liaison. The SRO guides people to school, community, and governmental services.

Similarly, guidance counselors will call upon the SRO to assist in conflict mediation efforts. Parents may seek information from the SRO if they suspect their child may be experimenting with drugs or alcohol. Students will ask the SRO for advice concerning a recent traffic ticket. Many times students will just want someone to talk to about problems that they are experiencing, and the SRO can act as another caring adult in the school building who works to find positive solutions for young people.






Follow Up Questions

How does the community benefit from the SROs law related counselor role? What makes a qualified police officer a valuable resource for educators? What skills must a SRO have in order to be a successful law related counselor?






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