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The Role of the School Resource Officer

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The Role of an SRO

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School Resource Officers will have contact with a majority of students in a school. SROs can serve as a resource for educators in the sharing of their experience and expertise as a law-related educator when they are invited into the classroom as guest speakers. Classroom presentations by an SRO compliment the schools curriculum as well as giving the SRO the opportunity to interact with students and discuss law-related issues. The contact that the SRO has with students in the classroom is a positive learning experience.

Law-related education is designed to promote responsible citizenship and give the student a better understanding of how our legal system works. As a police officer the SRO offers the student real life examples of how the criminal justice system operates. The SRO brings their experience into the classroom in order to educate the student on the role of police in a free society.

SROs support school wide efforts to educate students on the consequences of unacceptable behavior both in school and in the community. In addition the SRO works to educate students in crime prevention and personal safety. Teachers and SROs can create lessons that can compliment the school curriculum in almost every subject area. A few of the possibilities are:

SOCIAL STUDIES: Search and seizure, constitutional provisions of the 4th amendment, constitutional rights and their relevance to democracy, navigating the judicial process, understanding the adult and juvenile court systems.

SCIENCE: Crime scene investigation, forensics, use of polygraph, extracting fingerprints, DNA technology used as court evidence.

ENGLISH: Police report writing.

HEALTH: Drug and alcohol awareness.

In addition to supporting the faculty in the classroom the SRO has the opportunity to provide other educational activities to the entire school community. The SRO provides crisis and emergency training to the faculty and staff. The SRO may conduct informational presentations to parent groups concerning emerging drug trends their children may be exposed to. The SRO may speak to school clubs about driver safety issues. The SROs law related educational efforts can only be limited by their imagination.

Implementation Activity

In what other subject areas can a qualified SRO assist educators? List out some of the other links to curriculum an SRO guest lecture can touch on.






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