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The Role of the School Resource Officer

Building a Foundation:

Introducing the SRO to the School

Webster's New Riverside University Dictionary defines agreement as: the act of agreeing, harmony of opinion, an agreement between parties regarding a method of action.

An agreement should be written between the school system and police department on the policy, procedures and expectations of the School Resource Officer Program. The agreement between the school system and police department defines the relationship between the two entities -- it should address the administrative issues as well as the responsibilities associated with placing a police department employee into a school system workplace.

A formalized written inter-agency agreement or memorandum of understanding (MOU) needs to state the purpose and objectives of the program. How is the SRO program going to be introduced to the school? Who is going to be responsible for the selection, training and evaluation of the SRO? What are the requirements for the position of School Resource Officer? What are the expectations of the school in providing for the stationing of an SRO in the building? The agreement should also address the obligations of the school system and the police department.

The agreement or MOU is a valuable tool in predicting and resolving conflict between the SRO and school administrators.

The Memorandum of Understanding should address:
• Overview of the school/police partnership (Definitions)
• The purpose of the School Resource Officer Program
• The objectives of School Resource Officer Program
• Specific responsibilities of parties involved in the agreement
• Chain of Command (supervision) and communication between the parties
• Funding and resources
• Reporting procedures
• Evaluation Process
• Terms of the agreement

It is suggested that the SRO project team research and evaluate existing agreements between police departments and school systems. The following Web sites provide samples of School Resource Officer agreements or Memorandum of Understandings:

National Association of School Resource Officers:
See Library of Sample Contracts and Forms.


North Carolina Center for the Prevention of School Violence:
Enter and select 'School Resource Officer' then select 'School Resource Officer Agreement Example'


Kentucky Center for School Safety:
Search 'Memorandum of Understanding'


Implementation Activity:

Prepare a memorandum of understanding between the police department and your school system. What do you feel are the most important benchmarks in your agreement?








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