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The Role of the School Resource Officer

Building a Foundation:

Introducing the SRO to the School

Building positive relationships and maintaining open lines of communication create a successful School Resource Officer Program. Prior to the start of the school year the SRO should meet with the school principal and the administrative team. Before school begins, the SRO will need to become familiar with school policies as well as the administrative staff that they will be working with, with all parties discussing their roles and expectations.

The SRO and the Principal need to answer key questions, such as: how will all the members of the SRO team communicate? When will the SRO be called to assist in searches? What are the current issues, which affect the safety of the school?

The SRO and the Principal will also need to review the school crisis plan. The Principal should supply the officer with a faculty handbook and school emergency phone numbers.

The SRO should be invited to be a part of faculty orientation meetings just prior to the start of the school year. The SRO needs to meet the office and custodial staff. The SRO should be allowed to make several brief presentations on his or her role in maintaining school safety. It is important that people who work in the building get to know who and what the SRO stands for in order to start developing positive relationships with the whole school community. The SRO should also utilize this time before school starts to discuss with teachers what type of law-related education presentations could be conducted by the SRO throughout the year.

The SRO should be introduced to the incoming student body just as any other member of the student support team (guidance counselors, school nurse, etc.). Additionally the SRO should attend "Back To School Night" and the PTSA meetings to introduce themselves to parents and the greater school community.

The first few weeks establish the SRO as part of the school community. This effort builds the foundation of successful school-based community policing.

Follow Up Questions and Implementation Activity:

What else can the Principal do to promote the SRO program at their school? How would you introduce the SRO program to parents, to the students? Should the school district/police department promote the SRO through the media?

Would you approach the subject differently? Develop a plan or outline for how you would publicize your school's SRO program to the greater community?








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