List Group Label

Directions: Sort the following words into groups. You will want to label each group with a specific title. You may create as many groups as you wish, as long as the group has a label or title and contains at least two words from the list. Be prepared to share your List Group Label with the class and defend your decisions.

tepee sinew lacrosse cat's cradle wampum tomahawk maize
coffee buffalo arrow longhouse peace pipe Shaman igloo
tobacco powwow wigwam longhouse toboggan totem pole brave
Hogan blowgun moccasins katchina doll dreamcatcher prayer stick bow


Fun Stuff
We Don't Know
  • maize
  • coffee
  • buffalo
  • tepee
  • longhouse
  • igloo
  • wigwam
  • hogan
  • Shaman
  • brave
  • sinew
  • tomahawk
  • arrow
  • peace pipe
  • toboggan
  • blowgun
  • bow
  • lacrosse
  • cat's cradle
  • tobacco
  • powwow
  • totem pole
  • katchina doll
  • dreamcatcher
  • prayer stick
  • wampum
  • moccasins