Get Ready to Become an Effective Online Learner

Congratulations on deciding to take the exciting step of not just becoming an online learner but an effective online learner!

Though bunny slippers are always welcome, make no mistake; CTE's online courses are rigorous. Additionally, it is likely that time constraints played a large role in your decision to be part of a virtual learning experience. With both challenging coursework and limited time, it is critical for your success that you be the most effective online learner you can be.

In this tutorial, you will be given step-by-step instruction on proven effective strategies that will help you get the most out of your online course experience. Containing lots of well-researched methods and practices, this information is valuable even if you have previous experience with online courses.

Before you get started…
If you are taking this tutorial you have already assessed your situation and capabilities and decided that a fully-facilitated online learning experience is right for you. All of the following statements should describe you:

  • I have daily access to a computer with a reliable Internet connection.
  • I know how to use the basic features of MS Word.
  • I can surf the Web comfortably.
  • I have an active email account and know how to send attachments.
  • I have a family and/or work situation that supports my decision to take this course.
  • I am prepared to actively engage in a learning environment even if it is familiar to me.
  • I am willing to work within a virtual team to enhance my community experience and learning potential.
  • I have taken the Is Online Learning Right for Me? tutorial and decided that it is right for me.

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If one of those statements doesn't describe you or if you have reservations about the virtual classroom experience, please check out Is Online Learning Right for You? before continuing with this tutorial.

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If all statements do describe you, you are ready to begin! All topics in this tutorial can be accessed via the navigation bar on the left.



For more information on CTE's philosophy of online learning, click here.

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