Urban Education

Getting Started


This education module is designed to enhance your knowledge of national, state, and local achievement trends in urban education. It is also designed to inform you of "best practices" or instructional strategies that can be used to improve the academic achievement of urban students. As you navigate through the module, we hope that you have an opportunity to reflect on the complex issues facing urban education today.

The following questions can be used to guide your analysis:
  • What is your opinion of reading, writing, mathematics, and science trends at national, state, and local levels?
  • What best practices would you consider utilizing in your classroom(s)?
  • What are the reasons for your answer to the above question?
  • What other relevant information on trends in urban education or instructional strategies should be included in this module?

We look forward to hearing from you as you proceed through the module-using it to improve your content and pedagogical knowledge of the issues facing urban educators.



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